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“On behalf of the entire Uniquely U. Crew, THANK YOU for your interest in joining our mission to create golden opportunities for people all around the world to live their definition of freedom. Together, we will light up the world!”

~ Angela DiMarco, Founder/CEO

U-Instructor Application

Thank you for your interest! Because we are not currently in a recruiting period, your application will be reviewed. If accepted, it will be put on the waiting list for our next U-Instructor Orientation currently slated for mid-August 2022. Please give us 48 hours to review your application and reply with your status.

Contact us at +1 801-251-6150 or for assistance.

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“As human beings, all we truly want is peace and freedom. The trick is to recognize that peace and freedom are unique and personal, and to attain these states of being, we must identify what peace and freedom look like to us, identify the steps to get there, and take them.”

~ Dana Sardano, Co-Founder / Chief Officer of Content + Curriculum / U-Instructor