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The Library is set to open this Fall 2022!

The Uniquely U. Library is a treasure trove of precious gems curated by our administration, allowing YOU to explore its shelves, rediscover yourself, and ignite the spark that has lain dormant in many of you for way too long!


From streaming videos, meditations and music to downloading books, guides and workbooks, many of which penned by our very own U-Instructors, the Library is where that curious little explorer in you comes out to play!


And let’s not forget our “Joshua Wing”, which houses content for all the child folk in our lives. Remember: “Teach them well, and let them lead the way.”


This Alexandria-rivaling Uniquely U. Library is coming soon, so keep an eye out for updates on the grand opening, and get ready to reinvent yourself within a sea of unique content that has been curated just for YOU!

The stage is set and the crowd is ready!

Have you created content and want to reach a new audience? Do you have an idea for new content and would like some guidance in developing it?


Join our curated Uniquely U. Library Contributors and:

  • Connect with like-minded members of our community.
  • Learn from each other, become inspired and get creative!
  • Lift one another up and share in one another’s personal growth and abundance! 
  • Earn royalties based on viewership or downloads.


We are currently accepting applications for podcasts, videos, films, audio books, ebooks, original music, workbooks, guides and more. Those approved will be placed on the waitlist so that we can mindfully peruse all content to ensure it aligns with our vision. Submit your application today! We are excited to see what you have to offer our community!

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